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Having a wholesome family meal at dinner time is the ideal situation for every parent. However, that is not always the case. Parents often struggle to find the time necessary to prepare a meal while trying to find a balance between work, extracurricular activities and family time. That's why we’re happy to offer our Daycare Dinner Pickup service to parents who need a night off from preparing a family meal. Through partnerships with local child-care facilities, we are able to offer parents a family-sized gourmet meal, made to order & fresh, ready and waiting for pickup at your local child-care facility.  All you have to do is enjoy! Our main benefits to parents include: 

  • Single stop - pickup child & meal in one place

  • Made-to-order fresh meals

  • Locally-sourced ingredients

  • Eco-friendly utensils

  • Meals precooked and ready-to-eat 

  • Meals kept warm for pickup

  • Reusable tupperware; BPA free

  • Gluten-free & vegetarian options available

How It Works

Step 1: Online Ordering Process

  1. Select "Order Now" tab below

  2. Link will take you to the our ordering page

  3. Select your DayCare facility 

  4. Choose your household size (4 or 6) 

  5. Choose your protein, pasta, salad, & sides

  6. Follow easy instructions to checkout

Step 2: DayCare Pickup Process

  1. Arrive at your DayCare facility 

  2. Present order receipt to front desk staff

  3. Order receipt is verified by front desk staff

  4. Order is retrieved by front desk staff

  5. Parent collects & verifies order before departing

  6. Enjoy! 

DayCare Dinner Menu
***Our Daycare Menu Selections Are Inspired By The Season***
5oz Serving Size Per Person

***GF - Gluten Free

Parmesan Crusted Chicken - white wine parsley sauce   496 cal 

(GF) Lemon Pepper Roasted Chicken Thighs - boneless & skinless   230 cal

(GF) Coconut Curry Chicken - (marinated chicken breast cubes) - ginger & coconut cream sauce 468 cal

Seafood - $15.00 up-charge

(GF) Bronzed Sword Fish - cherry tomatoes & basil 411 cal
(GF) Cajun Shrimp - garlic butter cream sauce  826 cal
(GFLocal Catch (blackened) - crab mango salsa 580-720 cal


Basil Pesto Spaghetti - chopped herbs & grated parmesan cheese    567 cal

(GF-Avail) Rasta Pasta - trio color veggies, mushrooms & coconut cream  1140 cal

(GF-Avail) Fusilli Sun-Dried Tomato - with artichoke hearts, garlic oil & parmesan  934 cal


(GF) Green Pea Risotto & Mushrooms   638 cal

Kids Pasta w/ Butter 710 cal

(GFRoasted Butternut Squash  307 cal

(GF) Asparagus  331 cal

(GF) Bok Choy   317 cal


(GF) Strawberry Walnut - w/ spring mix greens, cherry tomatoes & citrus vinaigrette 546 cal

(GF) Tossed Pear Salad - w/ baby mesclun blend, dried cranberries & lemon dressing   443 cal

(GF) Sweet Potato Lentil  537 cal

Price per Order

Household size - 4 - $39.95

Household size - 6 - $49.95



 Vegetarian Options (Gluten Dairy Free)

Ital Stew - pumpkin, red kidney beans, okra, potatoes & coconut milk  301 cal

Corn Succotash - roasted sweet potatoes, bell peppers & mushrooms 249 cal

Curry Butter Beans - braised cabbage, carrots, squash, & coriander 352 cal


Price per Order

Household size - 4 - $36.95

Household size - 6 - $46.95

10:00 pm cut-off time for next day pickup on all orders

Calorie count based on 5oz serving size per person. Visit to learn more. 

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